The Shared Diary of a Novice Paranormal Investigator, aged 52 and Three Quar

When you believe in things you don’t understand, then you suffer.

(Stevie Wonder)

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamed of in your philosophy.


Ri fol ri fol tol de riddle dee.


OMG I got a picture!!!!

On both investigations, we were encouraged to take snaps at random.  The theory goes that, by chance, sometimes you record an image of something you did not notice.  I snapped away and now I have a small store of uninteresting pictures.  I hardly looked at them.  When I eventually stirred myself to upload the second lot, I was puzzled to see a broad red stripe crossing one image.  I had no idea why it was there.  It looked like the kind of damage caused by light, when cameras contained film.  LSS cast his photographer’s eye over it.  He said it looked odd to him.  Brilliant!

I sent a copy to Cosy Local.  To my surprise, someone emailed me back and asked what I had been looking at in the picture.  I replied, ‘The red stripe – what were you looking at?’  The response knocked me for six.  As an ignorant novice with a brain like a pickled walnut, I had not thought to blow up my pictures and search every pixel, which is, of course, what a proper investigator would do.  Cosy Local had uncovered two hazy faces in the red stripe.   I looked more carefully at the version they had made, and then I could see them.  I called LSS to look, and he saw them, too.  I drew little rings around them, as best I could.

I sent the image to National Rational, to see what they made of it.  I am excited.  Paranormal Stuff is happening!

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